Giving Back to the Community

Ms. Maria S is a philanthropic by heart. Majority of the book proceeds Mommy, Can I Eat This? are going back into charitable organizations across North America.


Angels With me helps to foster animals until a suitable permanent home is found. Fosters will care, walk, feed, and overall ensure the well being of the animals by taking them to veterinarian appointments, if necessary.


Independent bookstore that offers a curated selection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, young adult reads, cookbooks, health, self-help, and art & photography tomes in a cozy, airy and pristine-bright sanctuary for inspiration and relaxation.

Engage and Change is a charity that was created to foster good citizenship and encourage healthy communities by giving back. Engage and Change gives people and companies the opportunities to do hands on group volunteer projects that assemble and build kits to assist in the alleviation of poverty.


The GLOW program was created to give every girl an opportunity to be strong, confident and physically fit. Our program inspires girls of all ethnic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to be prominent and influential leaders.







The grantLOVE project is an artist-owned and operated project that produces and sells original artworks and editions to benefit artist projects and arts non-profits.




Project 321 Peel is dedicated to spreading awareness, advocacy and inclusion for individuals with Down syndrome. We are a community offering support and information for anyone enhanced by or seeking to learn about Down syndrome, from the moment of a pre-natal diagnosis through adulthood.

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Project Angel Food provides a reliable lifeline for people diagnosed with serious illnesses. They are the trip to the store, the meal planner, the nutritional adviser, the cook, and the smiling face who delivers delicious, healthy meals to a person’s home without fail.

Regeneration serves the homeless, those at risk of homelessness, and those living in extreme poverty.


She was diagnosed with leukemia a month before she turned two. Throughout her cancer journey, she has inspired children and their families to never give up.

Project Love Box is her way of giving back and helping children cope when they are in the hospital.

Love Boxes are filled by community members with toys, crafts, clothes, gift cards etc. and are gifted to children in hospitals all across the GTA, Durham and Up North.

Sophia is now 8 years old and the beautiful face of hope. Sophia is also a love ambassador  and has teamed up with @what_the_world_needs_is_love and grantLOVEproject in helping to spread love and kindness throughout the world.