Picture book Mommy Can I Eat This? by Certified Health Coach Gives Families a Fun Tool For Understanding Sugar Levels and Why Moderation is Important

The American Heart Association recommends that children consume less than 25 grams of added sugar per day.  That is exactly six teaspoons.  More than that will increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity over time.

But labels are confusing and added sugars have so many different names!  High fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fruit juice…  How can parents and kids monitor how much sugar they’re eating and make the right choices?

Enter certified health coach Maria Sofia, whose picture book Mommy Can I Eat This? gives families a simple tool for understanding how much sugar is in the foods they eat and how much of each food they can have each day:

The Sugar Cube Game.

Starring Ariel and Michael, two adorable preschoolers with a sweet tooth, Mommy Can I Eat This? brings readers along for the ride as these two tots play the Sugar Cube Game – with all it twists and turns:

  • One sugar cube is equal to one teaspoon of sugar
  • They can each have up to five sugar cubes’ worth of sweets per day
  • When they skip sweets, they can save their sugar cubes up to win a different sort of treat: a special family activity
  • If they eat too much sugar, they will have to give some of their sugar cubes back…

Complete with tips for controlling sugar intake and facts about sugar and health in a handy Parents and Teachers Corner on every page, Mommy Can I Eat This? makes it fun and easy for parents to help kids learn moderation and develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

About Maria Sofia

Maria Sofia’s life mission—inspired by her personal struggles with weight loss and a sugar addiction—is to educate parents and teachers on the importance of teaching nutrition to young children so they can make better choices throughout their lives. A certified health coach and angel intuitive, she holds accreditation from the Center of Excellence (UK) in angel and animal reiki, intuitive healing, medical intuition and meditation.  She is currently working toward her PhD in holistic health at the California Institute for Human Science, and lives in Toronto.

Title: Mommy Can I Eat This

Author: Maria Sofia

Print: 30 pages

Publisher: TellWell (Canada)

Language: English

ISBN pbk: 978-0-2288-0165-8

ISBN hc: 978-0-2288-0166-5

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