About Ms. Maria S

Maria is passionate about holistic nutrition and energy healing. As someone who has struggled with weight and has had to overcome an addiction to sugar, she has made it her life’s mission to educate parents and teachers on the importance of teaching nutrition to young children. Maria’s mother operated a subsidized daycare for over 30 years. She cooked every meal from scratch for the kids because she believed in the importance of healthy nutrition. She instilled in Maria that parents have an obligation to give children the best foods at an early age to optimize and boost their immune system.

Through loss after loss, especially her father’s death, Maria realized how vital a role nutrition plays, including in illness.

Maria received her certification as an angel intuitive. From there, she obtained diplomas in angel and animal reiki, as well as intuitive healing, medical intuition, and meditation. Maria also holds a diploma in holistic nutrition as a health coach. Maria is also continuing her education, specializing in holistic health to obtain her PhD. Her mandate is to educate children about nutrition, so they have a blueprint with which to make better choices throughout their lives.